8000 Series

Serco 8000 Series Loader Image
Serco 8000 Series Loader Image

8000 Series

Created in 1977, the SERCO 8000 was the first loader in our lineup. This machine has been used in every application possible and continues to be an ideal loader for a wide variety of industries.

  • Lift Capacity: 7,776 lbs. lift capacity at 8.6 ft. radius (less weight of attachment).
  • Boom Reach: Includes 20 ft. standard boom with additional length options of up to 25 ft. available.
  • Operator Platform: High visibility operator platform with out-of-the way valve arrangements.
  • Stabilizers: Telescoping A-frame type with 110-5/8” spread at grade level for adjustment on uneven terrain.


Main and secondary booms: made from high-strength structural tubing reinforced at all stress points. Boom cylinders: double acting with cast iron internal parts and chrome plated shafts. Main lift cylinder 6” x 36” x 3”. Secondary boom cylinder 5” x 35.5” x 2.5”. Boom pivot pins: 2” diameter made from 100,00 PSI yield strength steel shafting. Bearings: tapered roller bearings at boom pivot points. Swing system: hydraulic motor powered double planetary gear box driving external tooth turntable bearing. Stablizers: telescoping A-frame type with double acting cylinders controlled from operator’s seat. Hydraulic system: tandem gear pump providing 35 & 20 GPM at 1,400 pump RPM. Stack type Gresen V-42 control valve located under seat for increased operator visibility and safety. 45-gallon A-frame mounted hydraulic reservoir with external return line filter and removable access cover (55-gallon truck frame mount tank also available. Serco-designed and built continuous rotation manifold with cast iron center spool and oversize ports for trouble-free operation. Oversize main pressure and return lines with bent tube-type fittings to eliminate heat problems. 


Rotating operator’s platform with guard rail. Optional 2-lever control systems. Rear-mount loading unit configuration available with heavy-duty sub-frame and fold down stabilizers. Fold down joysticks.

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