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To fundamentally transform the material handling industry into a customer-driven experience, fueled through the needs and challenges of the global market.

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Equipment Type


Grapples For Knuckleboom Loaders


Elevate Your Loader Game with our Premium Knuckleboom Grapples! Explore the unbeatable range of Knuckleboom Grapples at Serco. Our innovative grapple attachments redefine loader operations, delivering precision and durability to your projects.


Truck Mounted Loaders

Serco is your trusted source for high-quality Truck Mounted Loaders. Our innovative solutions are designed to streamline your operations, increase productivity, and enhance the versatility of your equipment. Explore our range of Grapple Loaders for your truck or trailer and revolutionize your material handling processes today!


Knuckleboom Log Loaders

Our Knuckleboom Log Loaders are expertly engineered to redefine efficiency, precision, and durability in the logging industry. Whether you're in need of a powerful log loader, logging trailer, or any other logging equipment, Serco Loaders is your trusted partner for superior quality and performance.


Pole Handling Loaders

Our cutting-edge technology is at the forefront of the industry, and our pole handling loaders are no exception. Explore the unmatched capabilities of Serco Knuckleboom Grapple Loaders designed specifically for seamless utility pole installation, ensuring precision and reliability for gas pipeline projects.


Railway Grapple Loaders

Serco Loaders is the premier destination for top-of-the-line Railway Grapple Loaders. As industry leaders in manufacturing knuckleboom loaders, we take pride in delivering unparalleled quality and performance. Our Railway Grapple Loaders are designed to meet the unique demands of railway operations, providing efficiency, durability, and precision.


Scrap Grapple Loaders

Innovation meets efficiency in scrap handling with our unparalleled Scrap Grapple Loaders! As industry leaders in knuckleboom loader manufacturing, we take pride in delivering the best-in-class solutions tailored for scrap handling applications. We understand the unique demands of scrap handling operations, and our Scrap Grapple Loaders are engineered to exceed expectations!


Storm Cleanup Loaders

Welcome to the forefront of storm cleanup efficiency! Explore our cutting-edge storm cleanup Loaders, meticulously crafted to be the pinnacle of performance in storm debris management. At Serco Loaders, we take pride in manufacturing the industry's best grappler loaders, ensuring you have the power, precision, and reliability needed to tackle the aftermath of any storm.

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The Serco Loaders team is always out and about. Browse our list of events below to find one near you!

  • Baltimore, Maryland

    TCI EXPO 2024

  • Essex Junction, Vermont

    Northeastern Forest Products Equipment Expo (Loggers’ Expo) 2024

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

    ISRI2024 Convention

  • Las Vegas, Nevada

    AED SUMMIT 2024

  • Missouri, St-Louis

    THE TCI EXPO 2023

  • Two Harbors, Minnesota

    Introducing the Serco 8500-SR32 and 8500-SR34 Series Loaders: Revolutionizing Efficiency and Performance in Storm Cleanup Material Handling

  • Louisville, Kentucky

    The Utility Expo 2023

  • Serco Loaders Announces Retirement of Dale Williamson and Appointment of Mark Shukla as Successor

About us


Established in 1968 originally as Two Harbors Machine Shop Inc., Serco Loaders is a modern, full-service fabricating and machining company. Located in the Two Harbors Industrial Park, SERCO operates from a 70,000 sq. ft. machining and fabricating facility and a 10,000 sq. ft. painting facility.

In 2019, SERCO was purchased by GRYB, a material handling attachments manufacturer based in Victoriaville, Quebec.

Over the years, SERCO loaders have gained wide acceptance and recognition in multiple industries as quality built, dependable machines