75XR Series

Serco 75XR Series Loader
Serco 75XR Series Loader

75XR Series

For those that require a lightweight yet powerful loader, the SERCO 75XR was developed for you. Whether you are handling pipeline materials or heavy sawlogs, and pulpwood, the 75XR will make your job easier.

  • Lift Capacity: 8,136 lbs. lift capacity at 10 ft. radius (less weight of attachment).
  • Boom Reach: 22 ft. knuckleboom options to 26 ft., 22 ft and 23 ft boom with 3 ft. and 4 ft. (25ft – 27ft overall).
  • Rotation: 572 degrees on double-row turntable bearing.
  • Stabilizers: Telescoping A-frame type with 110-5/8” spread at grade level for adjustment on uneven terrain.


Tandem hydraulic circuits to allow simultaneous operation without power loss. Tandem gear pump providing 30 & 30 GPM at 1,400 pump RPM. Stack type control valves located under seat for increased operator visibility and safety. 55-gallon truck frame mounted hydraulic reservoir with high capacity, 10-micron return line filter and removable access cover. Folding joystick controls standard. 4-wire reinforced hoses in all pressure applications. Oversize main pressure and return lines with bent tube-type fittings to eliminate heat problems.


LED light kits. Full range of attachments including continuous rotation grapples. Three-point greasing system for turntable bearing and pinion gear. Side-mounted aluminum tank built to SERCO specifications. Seat belt included. Bolt-on gland cylinders.

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