7500 Series

Serco 7500 Series Loader Image
Serco 7500 Series Loader Image

7500 Series

You asked for it and we complied. Modeled after the very popular SERCO 7000, the SERCO 7500 has added lift capacity, bolt-on cylinder heads, larger diameter pins and bushings, as well as many other options. Its light weight, speed, strength, and reliability have made this model a great fit for multiple applications and industries.

  • Lift Capacity: 7,776 lbs. lift capacity at 8.6 ft. radius (less weight of attachment).
  • Boom Reach: 22 ft. knuckleboom options to 25ft and 22ft. boom with 3ft. squirt (25ft. overall).
  • Rotation: 572 degrees on turntable bearing.
  • Stabilizers: Telescoping A-frame type with 110-5/8” spread at grade level for adjustment on uneven terrain.


Tandem hydraulic circuits to allow simultaneous operation without power loss. Tandem gear pump providing 30 & 30 GPM at 1,400 pump RPM. Stack type control valves located under seat for increased operator visibility and safety. 55-gallon truck frame mounted hydraulic reservoir with high capacity, 10-micron return line filter and removable access cover. Folding joystick controls standard. 4-wire reinforced hoses in all pressure applications. Oversize main pressure and return lines with bent tube-type fittings to eliminate heat problems.


LED light kits. Full range of attachments including continuous rotation grapples. Side-mounted aluminum tank built to SERCO specifications. Bolt-on gland cylinders.

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